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Excel Kitchen stands as the front runner in quality kitchen equipment in Dubai. At Excel, we focus on commercial and industrial kitchen solutions by manufacturing customized stainless steel kitchen products and supply of broad assortment food service equipment. We provide operational backbone support to local food and beverage outlets, including hotels, restaurants, resorts, factories, hospital, bars, bakeries, plant canteens, school or college canteens and central kitchens. Excel always strives to quality products and highly integrated solutions that provide the best return of investment for our customers on kitchen equipment and bakery equipment in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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Leveraging our potential ever since the year of inception, 1998. We have established a strong track record for product and service excellence. We always focused on doing things right the first time, every time and exceeding customers’ expectations. Our growth also owes itself to our efforts to build collaborative, trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. Today, we are the leader in providing one- stop solutions for full-fledged kitchen equipment suppliers in Dubai and related services.

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Mr. Daniel Mathew aka Roy and Mr. Raju Raghavan are the Co-founders and Managing partners who brought Excel Kitchen into existence. They took an active interest in getting the enterprise off the ground, finding, and investing resources to form the company and made it succeed.
Raju has been serving Excel Kitchen as the General Manager since 1998. He has extensive industry experience thanks to his previous roles as design engineer at Comexter Ltd. He spent most of his career designing kitchens for premier companies, banks, hotels and catering providers in total conformity with the imperatives of hygiene, safety and aesthetic contributing to the Dubai's Kitchen Industry.
Roy, an expat entrepreneur in Dubai from the early 80s , had been on the other end of the industry long enough to know what worked and what didn’t in getting business on board. His success over the last two decades has taught him that he can achieve the results an organization want, whilst ensuring the client satisfaction. He has succeeded in developing various organizations, working with hundreds of leaders, creating a culture of connection, deleveraging Excel Kitchen and redeploying it into emerging markets continually.