Looking for the perfect self-service systems for your food service business? Excel is a leading distributor of top-quality brands, including Edenox, Counterline, Emainox, and Infrico. We offer a range of products to meet all your needs, from grab-and-go displays to cake display chillers and buffet self-service systems.

Our self-service counters and kiosks are designed to improve customer experience and streamline your operations. With sleek and modern designs, our products provide a convenient and attractive way for customers to serve themselves and access the food they want.

Edenox offers durable and reliable self-service counters and kiosks that are built to last. Counterline provides sleek and sophisticated design with an emphasis on ergonomics and ease of use. Emainox offers versatile and customizable solutions to fit any space or need, while Infrico provides high-tech and energy-efficient options that are perfect for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our range of products includes cake display chillers that keep your baked goods fresh and visually appealing. Our buffet self-service systems are perfect for restaurants and hotels, providing customers with easy access to a variety of dishes. Our grab-and-go displays are ideal for cafes and convenience stores, allowing customers to quickly and easily purchase food items.

So, whether you're a small café or a large hotel chain, Excel has the self-service system you need to improve your operations and provide customers with an exceptional experience. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.