Excel Kitchen is proud to be a leading supplier of industrial-grade microwave ovens for professional kitchens. We offer a wide selection of top-of-the-line microwave brands, including Menumaster, TurboChef, and Merrychef.

Menumaster is known for producing commercial microwave ovens that deliver fast, efficient cooking with easy-to-use controls. Their microwave ovens are built to withstand heavy use in busy kitchens and come with a range of features, such as programmable cooking cycles and durable stainless-steel construction.

TurboChef is another top brand in the industrial microwave space. Their ovens are designed with advanced technology that allows for rapid cooking and even browning, making them ideal for busy kitchens that need to turn out high-quality dishes quickly. TurboChef ovens come with features such as touch-screen controls and easy-to-clean surfaces that make them a breeze to use and maintain.

Merrychef is a brand that is well-known for their innovative combination of convection and microwave cooking technology. Their ovens are designed to deliver fast and efficient cooking with the added bonus of even browning and crisping, making them ideal for a wide range of dishes. Merrychef ovens are equipped with features such as intuitive touch-screen controls and easy-to-clean surfaces, making them a popular choice in professional kitchens.

At Excel Kitchen, we offer a wide range of industrial microwave ovens from these top brands to suit any cooking need. Our team of experts can help you choose the right microwave oven that best fits your specific kitchen requirements, so you can ensure that your kitchen is operating at peak performance.

So whether you're running a busy restaurant or an industrial kitchen, trust Excel Kitchen to provide you with the best industrial microwave ovens available. Visit our website or showroom today to learn more about our selection of Menumaster, TurboChef, and Merrychef microwave ovens and take your cooking to the next level.