We are obsessed with offering the quality solutions and services to our clients. Thanks to this philosophy, the degree of satisfaction we achieve in every project which is enormous. Being the leading supplier for Barbeque Equipment in Abu dhabi and Dubai, We are continuously improving our technology, creating new customized services to offer products of greater value. On the other hand, we are convinced that achieving success as one of the top supplier to hotel industry for the Bar equipment in Dubai and Abu dhabi. We have partners all over the planet, who take our technology and exploit it in their own territories, thus creating a operational ecosystem on a large scale. The kitchen equipment industry is a diverse and rapidly growing sector, encompassing a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of commercial kitchens of all sizes.
At Excel Kitchens, we're proud to carry the best brands in all of the below kitchen equipment categories. We partner with leading manufacturers in the industry to bring you the latest and greatest in kitchen equipment technology.

Some of the different categories of kitchen equipment include:

Cooking Equipment: This includes ovens, ranges, grills, fryers, and other appliances used for cooking and baking.

Food Preparation Equipment: This includes mixers, slicers, blenders, food processors, and other appliances used for preparing food.

Refrigeration Equipment: This includes refrigerators, freezers, and chillers used for storing and preserving food.

Dishwashing Equipment: This includes dishwashers, glasswashers, and other appliances used for cleaning dishes and utensils.

Storage and Shelving Equipment: This includes racks, shelves, and other storage solutions for food and kitchen equipment.

Countertop Appliances: This includes toasters, coffee machines, grinders, and other appliances used for preparing food and beverages.

Exhaust Hoods and Ventilation Equipment: This includes exhaust hoods, fans, and other equipment used to maintain air quality and safety in commercial kitchens.